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Free Lottery Guide

Free Lottery Guide

Free Lottery Guide

Like you guys the team here at Play Lottery Online, we love a good deal, and if we can find a great deal, we like to share. So here are our tips for free lottery. We have selected the biggest lotto’s we give you a brief write up on the best deals for each. The aim so you are armed with the most up to date info as to where to go to get the best bang for your buck, euro or pound. With the best exclusive offers from our vendors. For a first time online player you can get up to three free lines from good vendors by following this guide, even a seasoned player should find something good here.

Mega Millions – Free line.

Mega Millions is the USA’s current No1 Lotto, with the world record of $656,000,000 jackpots and games running every  Tuesday and Friday weekly. Mega Millions jackpot is one of the biggest reasons to play lottery online. With a single line entry of $2.50 we scoured the Internet to find the best deals for you.

We found three outstanding deals for Mega Millions, firstly TheLotter has a 100 percent refund on your first ticket purchase that is eligable for mega millions. The second offer comes from our newcomer Lottoland who are promoting all of their lottos to 1st time customers with a free line. Both deals are limited time first time only our advice… Try both. The last offer for Mega Millions is a bit unusual! Our partner WinTrillions has a great refer a friend offer that will not only give you! a free line on Mega Millions, your referral will get a free line also… Hey!! Sharing is caring, take a look on their website for more info.

Euro Millions – Free line

Euro Millions is europe’s biggest and only true multi national lotto draw. With Jackpots starting at €15 Million and reaching an amazing €183 Million. Lines cost €2.50 and draws are Tuesday and Friday evening. For a free line on EuroMillions, we would again urge you look at TheLotter. The offer, for a first time player you will get a 100 percent refund on your first line they have several discounted offers for regular customers also. If you are already a TheLotter regular we heartily recommend you look at Lottoland. A relatively new but excellent agent, as they also offer a free line to first time players for EuroMillions.

Powerball – Free line

Powerball, certainly if Mega Millions is number one Powerball must be the N02 most popular and famous lotto draw from the USA. With a massive of $519,000,000 in all time record Jackpots…. For years we Europeans had to satisfy ourselves with the clone Thunderball. Not any more thanks to online vendors we can get in on some of that crazy USA action. For a free line for Powerball there are again two agents first pick would go again to Lottoland for their excellent intro offer. it’s also worth looking at TheLotter as their Buy 1 get 1 free line offer extends to all lotto draws including Powerball.

UK National Lottery – Free Line

UK Lotto or UK National Lottery as it is sometimes known is an immensely popular game in the UK, with over 70 percent of the population participating in the action. Jackpots average £5 Million but can roll over to  £20,000,000. The draws are Wednesday and Saturday one line costs £2. This is a medium odds lottery with a good chance at a win especially the lower tiers which also offer great prizes. We have three vendors offering exclusive offers to our readers for the UK Lotto. Firstly we should mention Conga Lotto have an offer for a line for first time customers.  Once have a free line here head over to TheLotter a superb vendor with a buy 1 get one free line offer for new players. Then lastly but not least, all of our readers should check out Lottoland who have a great opening offer for first time players of UK Lotto, MegaMillions, EuroJackpot and Powerball for a free line on these lottos. Most definitely worth checking out.

OZ Lotto – Free Line

OZ Lotto. Australia’s Tuesday night Lotto, with a Jackpot average of $30,000,000 and good odds on being a winner it’s one of our favorites and should be on your list to play. It’s not easy to get a free line for the OZ Lotto as vendors are just starting to realize how insanely popular this draw is with online players. Play lottery online have managed to get you an exclusive deal with TheLotter by following our link you will be eligible for a free line for all first time player for this great lotto draw. We strive to bring you the best possible offers and promotions as we like to keep you up to date. Check back with us often for the best free play offers online.

Wherever you choose  – good luck -Play Lottery Online