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MegaMillions Results – 8/8/2014

Check out the latest MegaMillions Results from the draw taking place last Friday 8/8/2014. Maybe you already belong to the lucky winners!

MegaMillions Results 8/8/2014

If your MegaMillions numbers doesnt match and you dont belong to the lucky winners we have some nice offer for you: Use the following link you will get a free line at the Lottoland for the next MegaMillions Draw taking place at Tuesday! Thats not only a good chance to take a closer look to this lottery agent, but also a good chance to hit the jackpot.

Go to Website Play MegaMillions Online

Next to the free offer there is one very good reason to play MegaMillions Online at Lottoland. Unlike other lotto agents you have to pay no fees for your lottery tickets at Lottoland. For this reason specially regular player can save up much money playing at this ticket seller. One line at the MegaMillions Lottery costs two Euro. Winners will get informed automatically per email and the winning amount will be credited to the account.

Next to MegaMillions you can get tickets for the german lottery, for the european lotteries Eurojackpot and EuroMillions and for the US-Lottery Powerball.
To fill out your tickets you can use the easy to navigate website or the new published Lottoland App. Thanks to this app you can also fill out your tickets on the go, cashing in and out and check the latest results. The Lottoland App is available for ipad, iphone and android devices.

Good luck at the next MegaMillions Draw – Your team at Play Lottery Online!

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