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Play El Gordo Online

Play El Gordo Online

Play El Gordo Online

Spains very popular El Gordo lotto, translated it means “The Fat One” takes place in the summer and at christmas time. With the biggest jackpots of any European lottery draw. The summer potter jackpot currently running at E160 Million euro. El Gordo was traditionally solely available to the people of Spain. Running since 1812. Now with online vendors, over 150,000 people playing online. Now you can take part of this excitement too.

System: Draws: Costs:
Buy Ticket Summer and Christmas TBA

Play El Gordo Online: How it works?

El Gordo works very differently to all of the other lotteries on play lottery online. It is more akin to a raffle or prize draw as the player buys a ticket which can be expensive or participates in a syndicate to buy a part ticket. The balls are drawn from an antique lottery machine and are wooden. Should your numbers match any of the rankings bellow. See the odds you will win that tiered prize either alone or split amongst your syndicate.

Play El Gordo Online: Where to play?

Here at Play Lottery Online we have many vendors who sell online tickets for El Gordo lottery.

But to play this lotto our recommendation would go to the  Wintrillions website as they have a money back guarantee on tickets for this lotto,  making it the best deal especially due to the cost of entry. Essentially allowing you a zero risk on your first time play.

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El Gordo Odds

Ranking: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 5 + MB 1 : 31.625.100
2 5 1 : 3.513.900
3 4 + MB 1 : 129.082
4 4 1 : 14.342
5 3 + MB 1 : 2.689
6 3 1 : 299
7 2 + MB 1 : 172
8 2 1 : 19
9 0 + MB 1 : 10

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El Gordo Experiences

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Have you already had experiences with El Gordo? Please let us know so other players can benefit from your experience with El Gordo.

Good luck at the next El Gordo draw – Your team at Play Lottery Online

Play El Gordo Online

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