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Play La Primitiva Online

Play La Primitiva Online

Play La Primitiva Online

Play La Primitiva online. Lottery games in Spain are popular. None more so than La Primitiva. Operated by Loterías y Apuestas del Estado. Who also partner in EuroMillions lottery.  This is the oldest Lotto on our list. Started in 1763. La Primitiva has been making the people of Spain rich for over 250 years!! Now, with our partners, play online and get rich too.

System: Draw: Costs:
5 Balls 1-54 + Powerball  1- 9 Sun 13:30 €5,40  per line

Play La Primitiva Online: How it works?

To play La Primitiva. Players are requires to choose 6 numbers. Raqnging from 1 to 49. To win the jackpot.  A player must succeed in matching all six of their numbers with the six numbers drawn. Top prizes. Average at €3 million. But, if no winners are found this funds a rollover. To the next week. Resulting in the top prize growing up to €20 million or more.  Don’t worry. There are also several other prize tiers for players who manage to match fewer than all six numbers, though as in most other countries. The more numbers you match the more you stand to win. La Primitiva lottery draws, every Thursday and Saturday. Play now with our online partners.

Play La Primitiva Online: Where to play?

Though we have many lottery vendors that sell tickets for La Primitiva online.

Play lottery online’s recommendation for this draw would go to The Lotter as their reputation and current promotion – buy 1 get 1 free offer on this and other Lottos,  make it a good choice. You can try this lottery with very little risk. At play lottery online we like to bring you the best deals.

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La Primitva Odds:

Ranking: Matching: Odds To Win:
1 5 + PB 1 : 31.625.100
2 5 1 : 3.513.900
3 4 + PB 1 : 129.082
4 4 1 : 14.342
5 3 + PB 1 : 2.689
6 3 1 : 299
7 2 + PB 1 : 172
8 2 1 : 19
9 0 + PB 1 : 10

Your La Primitiva, Feedback experiences & opinions?

La Primitiva Experiences

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Good luck at the next La Primitiva draw – Your team at Play Lottery Online

Play La Primitiva Online

Play La Primitiva Online