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Play Mega Millions free

Play Mega Millions free

Play Mega Millions free

Mega Millions is the USA’s no1 lottery and part of the state run lottery system. Officially the biggest lottery in the world. With jackpots exceeding half a billion US dollars it has got to be one of the best reasons to play lottery online. Mega Millions holds the world record for the largest lottery payout in March 2012 of $656 Million dollars and again, in March 2011, 7 lucky workers in a syndicate from New York who won $319,000,000. And again in 2007 two ticket holders won an amazing $390,000,000. Along with its brother Powerball, who’s jackpots can also grow to over half a billion dollars.  If we where forced to pick ou,r top 10, here at play lottery online, MegaMillions would be in the top 2.

Free Lottery Guide

At one time you would need to be a USA resident to take part in this lotto draw. Now with online agents being so good it is possible to play this and many other lotteries from the comfort of your own home. Follow the link to our free lottery guide.

Play lottery online free lottery guide, this guide will show you the new player, where to get best deals on the internet. With up to date tips and exclusive promotions. All from high quality online vendors. With this guide you will be up and running to play Mega Millions free. Follow the guide for up to three free lines. Even a seasoned player should find something of use there.

We have tried to cover the most popular lottery promotions, but we like you are always looking for the best deals so keep checking back for regular updates. If there is a lottery you would like to see us cover in our guide please feel free to contact us as your feedback is always of value to us, and we will strive to get it in a future update.

Play lottery online wishes you – good luck on your next draw