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Play SuperEnalotto. Italy’s number one national lottery. Inspired by the Italian Enalotto national lottery began in 1950. In April 1998 a syndicate of 100 players won €32.7 million. In August 2003 an individual won just over twice that amount when they scooped €65.9 million. Then in May 2005 a group of ten players won €72 million. The highest ever win for was on Friday 22 August 2009, a lucky ticket holder from Tuscany won €143.9 million euro.

SuperEnalotto is also famed for its long running rollovers – leading to huge jackpots. In February 2013, a player Latvia won €578,080 with SuperEnalotto draw with a SuperStar systematic form bought from at theLotter. Another player latter that year also matched all six to win a jackpot worth  €479,123. SuperEnalotto is played every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

System: Draws: Costs:
6 Balls 1-90 + 1 S* ball (2€) Tues,Thur + Sat 21:00 1€ per line min 2 lines

Play SuperEnaLotto Online: How it works?

How to win, SuperEnaLotto online. How to play SuperEnalotto. Players choose six numbers from 1 to 90. Players must purchase at least two lines due to the low price of the tickets. Players can also choose to play a SuperStar ball which for an additional 2€. While not exactly a bonus ball it can help them to achieve a smaller prize should they miss out on the jackpot. SuperEnalotto is played every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Play SuperEnaloto Online: Where to play?

We have four vendors offering tickets for SuperEnaLotto, all of whom offer a great service.

but for first time players we would recommend The Lotter as they have a buy 1 get 1 free offer for this lotto on the website. Making this the best current offers for this lottery. This offer coupled with their reputation is a great option for first time play on this lottery.

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SuperEnaLotto Odds:

Class: Match: Odds on Winning:
1 6 1 : 622.614.630
2 5 + 1 1 : 103.769.105
3 5 1 : 1.235.346
4 4 1 : 11.907
5 3 1 : 327

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Play SuperEnaLotto Online

Play SuperEnaLotto Online … and win big