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Play Superlottoplus Online

Play Superlottoplus Online

Play Superlottoplus Online

Play Superlottoplus online. Based in sunny California this lottery started as California Super Lotto in 1984, later in 2000 the name was changed to Superlottoplus, with a rise in winning payouts the record being $193 in 2002. Superlottosplus is one of the USA’s most popular local state lotteries, now through our vendors you are able to play this and other great lotteries from anywhere world wide.

System: Draws: Costs:
5 balls + 1 MB Weds + Sat 19.57 EST $2.50 Per Line

Play Superlottoplus Online: How it works?

The play style is similar to the UK National Lottery. Players select 5 numbers and one Mega-ball (bonus ball). Should you the player select all five and the bonus ball you win the jackpot. Other combinations account for smaller bonus prizes. Winning numbers are drawn and filmed every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:57 local time, at the lottery headquarters in Sacramento. Tickets are available up to three hours before the draw.

Where to Play Superlottoplus?

At Play lottery online we have some great online ticket vendors, but our pic to play Superlottoplus, online would go to The Lotter with its buy now get one free offer which gives you an instant credit on your first lottery draw.

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Play Superlottoplus Online: Odds?

Prize Ranking: Matching: Odds To Win:
1 5 + MB 1 : 41.416.535
2 5 1 : 1.592.937
3 4 + MB 1 : 197.221
4 4 1 : 7585
5 3 + MB 1 : 4810
6 3 1 : 185
7 2 + MB 1 : 361
8 2 1 : 74
9 0 + MB 1 : 49

Your Superlottoplus experiences, feedback & opinions?

Superlottoplus Experiences

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Play SuperLottoplus Online

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